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Selling house to foreigners

Selling a house to foreigners is a growing trend, the opportunities are many but it must be emphasized that the buying and selling process is profoundly different from selling to Italians.

  • There are two main reasons,
  • The difficulty of the spoken language and a different bureaucratic process

The emotional factor, not only a property is sold, but also the made in Italy style, a mix of excellent cuisine, art, culture, wonderful landscapes, tourist attractions.

Each country has its own different customs and traditions. For this reason, it is advisable to rely on specialized agencies, where the personnel who take care of the translation of the site or who deal with the sale of the property are originally from the country to which we propose the properties

Do you want to reach a foreign clientele (selected and exclusive)?

Prepare the documentation of your property – Selling a house to foreigners

We will think about:

  • photoshoot
  • home staging,
  • description in language


Foreigners look for a house in Italy through the internet and make a pre-selection of the properties to visit almost exclusively through images, they will have to fall in love, even before the house, with its photograph. This is why the photo shoot is essential

Home staging or tidying up the house

The spaces, the premises must be carefully rearranged, your home will certainly be more attractive, both for the photo shoot and for future visits.

Description in language

Announcements, accurate and emotional descriptions are not made through google translate, but as already mentioned through native-speaking staff (English, Russian, Portuguese)

Our bilingual staff accompanies the customer throughout the negotiation up to the final deed of sale.

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